Hydrate your Scalp with H2O (Hair Hydration Oil)


H20 is a light weight hair oil that promotes a healthy hair and scalp. With ingredients from coconut oil and peppermint oil to glycerin, b12, monixodil vitamins and protein(s) this oil will help with dry itchy scalp by restoring moisture and reducing dandruff as well as adding vitamins and nutrients your hair may be lacking. The refreshing, tingling feel of the peppermint will help stimulate your scalp and promote growth and healthy blood circulation to your follicles. Recommended 2 to 3 times a week of use on scalp.

Don’t be caught with no edges this summer? Order your H2O today! Hydrate your scalp! Stimulate your follicles! Moisturize your hair stands! Improve your hair elasticity! Watch your length rentention grow!
Hair Hydration Oil
Now available in two sizes 1oz and 4oz.
Our 1oz is convenient for oiling small areas such as beards or safe for storing in your carry on luggage when traveling.

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